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What is the Cromwell Association?

The Cromwell Association was formed in 1937 and is a registered charity.

The purpose of the Association is to advance the education of the public in both the life and legacy of Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), politician, soldier and statesman, and the wider history of the seventeenth century.

The Association carries out the following activities for the benefit of the public:

campaigns for the preservation and conservation of buildings and
sites relevant to Cromwell;

commissions, on behalf of the Association, or in collaboration with
others, plaques, panels and monuments at sites associated with

supports and encourages the Cromwell Museum and Cromwell
Collection in Huntingdon run by Cambridgeshire County Council;

provides, within the competence of the Association,  advice to
the media on all matters relating to the period;

encourages interest in the period in all phases of formal education
by the publication of reading lists, information and teachers’

publishes news and information about the period, including an
annual journal and regular newsletters;

organises an annual service, day schools, conferences, lectures,
exhibitions and other educational events;

provides a web-based resource for reseachers in the period
including school students, genealogists and interested parties;
offers from time to time grants, awards and prizes to individuals
and organisations working towards the objectives stated above.

For full details see our constitution (pdf 56kb)

What are the benefits of membership? 
As a member of the Association you will be helping to support the objects and activities described above. As an individual member you will be entitled to:

Book Cover - Cromwell 4 centuries on Receive as part of your new member pack ‘Cromwell: four
centuries on’– a selection of the best articles from our journal Cromwelliana, edited by Professor Peter Gaunt.

receive our annual historical journal, Cromwelliana, which includes
articles and reviews of interest as well as an annual survey of
recently published work;

receive the newsletter The Protector’s Pen, which is published
twice a year with details of events and activities of interest, and
shorter pieces on Cromwell ;

join us for our Annual General Meeting in April held at a site of
some significance to Cromwell. The meeting combines business
with the opportunity to meet fellow members and participate in
the governance of the Association;

apply for a ticket in the annual ballot for places at the memorial
service held for Cromwell at Westminster each year on 3rd
September. The service is usually preceded by a visit to a place
of interest in London;

have priority booking for study days and other events organised
by the Association, at preferential rates;
purchase special Association merchandise to help financially
support the organisation.

Details of how to join and the subscription year

If you would like to join (or renew) your membership using PayPal please follow this link. If you prefer to use a hard copy application form please follow the link below.

To download a hard-copy application (Word format) for membership please follow this link. Members who are UK tax-payers are strongly encouraged to Gift-Aid their subscription – See page 2 of the application form for details.

The subscription year starts on 3rd September. For members joining after 1st June but before the 2nd September they will be in membership until the 2nd September in the year following, and the subscription will cover the costs of the following years Cromwelliana. New members who would like to purchase the current years Cromwelliana, or back issues, may do so at a special member’s rate.


This site is provided by The Cromwell Association. All material on this site is the copyright of the individual author, and, or, the Association, or third parties from whom the Association has obtained permission. Material on this site may not be published elsewhere without permission. Please make all proposals and requests for reciprocal links to mail2@olivercromwell.org The Cromwell Association is a registered charity, reg. no. 1132954